Cantacuzino Institute

The Cantacuzino Institute, a National Institute for Research and Development in microbiology, is a Romanian national establishment located in Bucharest. It is the subject of a cooperation agreement with the Institut Pasteur.

This institute was created in 1921 and joined the Institut Pasteur International Network in 1991. It operates directly under the authority of the Romanian Ministry of Health. 


- Pathogenecity of enterobacteria

- Antibiotic resistance
- Nosocomial infections


- Molecular epidemiology of enteroviruses and enterobacteria

- Epidemiology of viral hepatitis

- Poliomyelitis

- Infections by the West Nile virus

- Transgenic mice

Cellular and molecular study of auto-immune diseases

- Genetic engineering for the production of enzymes in bacteria

- Study of bacterial transferases

Public health:

- National Reference Centres for flu, poliomyelitis, measles and rubella

      - WHO Collaborating Centre for flu

- Regional Reference Laboratory for flu
Medical analysis laboratory



- Production of measles, flu, tuberculosis and DIP vaccines

- Production of diagnostic reagents and therapeutic sera


Teaching & training:

- University and post-university training in microbiology, epidemiology and immunology