Institut Pasteur in Lille

The Institut Pasteur in Lille is a private foundation recognised for its contributions to the public good.

This institute was created by Louis Pasteur in 1894 and joined the Institut Pasteur International Network in November 2004. It is administered by a council presided by the mayor of Lille.

Research in human health:

- Cancers
- Cardiovascular disease: infarctus, aneurysm, stroke, coronary disease, atherosclerosis


- Infectious diseases: tuberculosis, whooping cough, plague, hepatitis C, legionellosis, listeriosis, malaria, schistosomiasis
- Metabolic diseases: diabetes, obesity
- Neuro-degenerative diseases: Alzheimer's disease, dementia
- Inflammatory diseases of the digestive and respiratory tracts; asthma, alergies

Public health prevention:

- Prevention and Health Education Centre - health check-ups and prevention workshops: alcohol, tobacco, memory, nutrition, physical activity
- Vaccination service (centre accredited by the World Health Organisation)
- Medical advice for travellers

Expertises in health, nutrition and the environment:

- Specialised medical biology
- Nutrition
- Toxicology
- Hospital hygiene
- Food safety
- Water and the environment
- Predictive microbiology
- Teaching & training:
- Training inter/intra businesses
- Food safety
- Hospital hygiene
- The environment
- Nutrition
- Training on scientific tools
- Addictive behaviour