Institut Pasteur in Saint Petersburg

The Institut Pasteur in Saint Petersburg is a Russian national institute. Created in 1923, it operates under the authority of the Ministry of Health.


- Hepatitis
Acute enteric infections
Helicobacter pylori infections
Paediatric viral and bacterial infections
- Poliomyelitis
- Tuberculosis
- Zooanthroponoses

Public health:

- WHO National Reference Centres for flu and avian flu, rabies, viral hepatitis, measles and rubella
Federal centre for epidemiological surveillance of viral hepatitis
Reference laboratory for tuberculosis in north-west Russia
Regional centre for the fight against AIDS in north-west Russia, reference laboratory for HIV diagnosis
Diagnostic centre for HIV/AIDS, STIs and related infections
Vaccination centre
- Regional centre for Salmonella in north-west Russia
- Regional centre for Rikketsia in north-west Russia

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Teaching & training:

Courses and seminars for physicians on epidemiological problems
- Glob
al Salm Surv programme: courses in microbiology and immunology for the surveillance of salmonellosis in Saint Petersburg in 2004, 2005 and 2006