Institut Pasteur in Shanghai - Chinese Academy of Sciences

Institut Pasteur of Shanghai, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IPS-CAS) is the first legally-independent international institute of CAS. Founded in 2004 by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institut Pasteur and the Shanghai Municipal Government, IPS-CAS is an independent, non-profit life sciences institute which synergies between the Institut Pasteur and CAS networks to address public health issues.


16 Principal investigators have been recruited leading their laboratories engaged in a broad range of infectious disease research programs ranging from HIV, Viral Hepatitis B and C, Respiratory Viruses to virus-induced cancers. IPS-CAS plans to grow up to 400 scientists when it moves to the new building from 2012 onwards. 

IPS-CAS participates to graduate education in Chinese Academy of Sciences, including master and Ph.D degree programs, benefits the advantages and expertise of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the International Network of Pasteur Institutes to provide highest international level training system for the education of high-quality and innovation oriented talents in scientific and medical fields.