Institut Pasteur in Tunis

Founded in 1893, the Institut Pasteur in Tunis operates under the authority of the Tuisian Ministry of Health. It was notably under the direction from 1903 to 1936 of Charles Nicolle, who won the Nobel prize in medicine in 1928. The Institut Pasteur in Tunis joined the Institut Pasteur International Network in 1992.

Public health:
Vaccination centre and advisement for travelers
• WHO Collaborating Centre for poliomyelitis
 Biomedical analyses
 WHO Collaborating Centre for research and training on leishmaniasis


Epidemiology of infectious diseases (leishmaniasis, hydatidosis, tuberculosis, viral hepatitis, rabies, 
papillomavirus, avian viruses, mycoplasmoses, etc.)
Immunology of infectious diseases in humans and animals (leishmaniasis, tuberculosis, rabies ...)
 Study of diseases caused by a genetic or immunological deficit (genodermatoses, metabolic diseases, red blood-cell diseases, ocular diseases, predisposition to tuberculosis, as well as various rare syndromes)
Bio-chemistry and immunology of venoms and toxins
 Development of biotechnology (conception of new vaccines and therapeutic molecules using genetic engineering)

Teaching & training

 Training of Master’s and doctoral students

 Organisation of seminars
 Methodology courses