Projects in the International Network



The ECOMORE project deals with economic development and impact of environmental modifications on human health in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Vietnam and Myanmar.

Specific objectives of this project are to:
  • Decipher the major ecological mechanisms responsible for emergence of infectious diseases
  • Assess the actual risk for local population health
  • Release appropriate recommendations for implementing public health interventions
  • Provide validated methodological tools
  • Contribute to enhance national & regional collaborations


Children's Antibiotic Resistant infections in Low-Income countries: an international cohort study

The main objective is to assess the incidence as well as the medical and economic consequences of severe childhood and neonatal infections caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria. The investigation will include both healthcare associated, as well as community acquired infections.


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The SouthEast Asia encephalitis project: a new inter-organizational and multi-disciplinary initiative

The project aims in reducing the morbidity and mortality associated to infectious encephalitis in Southeast Asian countries by improving diagnosis and medical care for vulnerable patients.

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RIIP Grippe

Severe Influenza in Africa and Asia

The objective of this project is to identify and study the factors associated with severity of influenza viruses in developing countries. 

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EpiSouth Plus

Network for the Control of Public Health Threats in the Mediterranean Region and South East Europe

This project aims to increase health security in the Mediterranean Area and Balkans by enhancing and srengthening the countries' preparedness to common health threats.

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InPRIS Project

"Building and strenghtening core capacities for Influenza Preparedness and Response in Support of international health regulations (IHR 2005)

Project with DHHS (Department of Health and Human Services, USA)

This project's objectives are to reinforce surveillance networks for flu viruses in Africa and South-East Asia, particularly regarding avian flu, as well as to perform epidemiological studies.


To reach these objectives, the DHHS programme provides specialised training sessions designed to ensure adequate support for epidemic investigations..

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The Institut Pasteur Leishmania Network

LeishRIIP provides a platform to coordinate efforts in Leishmania research across member institutions of the Institut Pasteur International Network. It includes 9 institutes and a total of 16 laboratories.

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Strengthening transdisciplinary research on Infectious and Emerging Diseases in French Guiana: linking fieldwork, benchside and bendside

This transdisciplinary research consortium was launched in 2011 for a 3-year duration. It aims to improve medical research capabilities in French Guiana. 

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